About Hedgren

It all began in 1993 in Antwerp, Belgium. Our founder, Xavier Kegels, took inspiration from his beloved grandmother Elisabeth Hedgren. Her name, along with a down-to-earth nature, open minded spirit and passion for intuitive design ultimately made Hedgren what it is, a company dedicated to practical, enduring travel bags that offer a genuine freedom of movement. A year after its debut, Hedgren released its first collection, The Legendary Great American, and followed that up a few years later in 1999 with the equally renowned Inner City collection. Now a global influence today, Hedgren prides itself on its signature functionality with an everyday chic style. Made for a down-to-earth active person with a healthy wanderlust, Hedgren provides intuitive design and an enduring quality, allowing our travelers or Hedgrenists, to have high quality travels.

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